Phrases: Ordering Food and Shopping

Sorry for a short list;; I was rushing it ;-; message me for requests!

How much is this?- (이거) 얼마에요?

I’ll pay with card- 카드로 결제 할께요

I’ll pay with cash- 현금으로 결제 할께요

Can I have the receipt?- 영수증 주세요?

Can I have ___ and ___?-  ___랑 ___ 주세요?

Is there a (shop/restaurant name) nearby?- 주변에 ___있어요?

Can I have a burger and a Coke?- 버거랑 콜라 주세요

How much is it with the discount?- 할인해서 얼마에요?

Can I have a discount?- 조금만 깎아 주세요

Does this taste good?- 이거 맛있어요?

Can you recommend a menu for me?- 메뉴에서 추천해주세요

Can I have one of (drink name)?- (drink name) 한병만 주세요

Can I have it takeaway?- 이거 포장 해주세요

Can I have it delivered?- 배달해주세요