ongsung: ten songs I’ve been listening to lat…


ten songs I’ve been listening to lately

I was tagged by @woojinnies and @ongnable to give the ten songs that I’ve been listening to lately! Thank you so much for tagging me! ^^ This was a lot of fun!

tbh these are all over the place (like not all of them are even kpop), lol. It’s the summer so I should be jamming out to summery songs, but I’m still kind of in this moody mood lately. >< Maybe it’s because I’m starting to write again? Idk, but these are the songs I’ve been jamming to lately! XD Am I going to be getting messages about some of my music tastes? XD

Anyway, I’m going to tag… @dae-hwee @playfuldisaster @nothingwithoutwannaone @southqorea and anyone else that wants to do this ^^ You don’t have to make gifs if you don’t want to ^^