y’all ever think about how woojin is like. literally perfect? like what cant he do??!!! he’s an absolutely incredible rapper he’s capable of writing his own raps!! and he’s literally one of the best dancers i’ve seen, his moves are so fluid and natural and his charisma onstage is no joke!! and he’s actually not that bad of a vocalist like my man can hit some notes! even though he’s nervous and admitted has a small trauma towards singing he practices it all the time and sings on stage in front of THOUSANDS of people he’s so brave! he’s also learning english to communicate better with fans like he’s always striving to improve himself even though he’s already THAT talented and must be tired from the world tour… and he’s only 19!!!! he’s got so much more room to grow! not to mention his perfect looks and personality first off he’s drop dead gorgeous – his smile is stunning. brighter than sunshine truly i can’t even exaggerate and second off he’s one of the funniest members of wanna one!! he’s also one of the kindest he really gets along so well with everyone and watches over the younger ones in a playful yet kind way! like he understands jihoon so well and always checks in on daehwi and gives the softest hugs to guanlin onstage and always wants to spend time with jinyoung! he learns guitar with jaehwan and hypes up daniel and acts cute towards minhyun and jokes around with sungwoon and teases jisung and goofs around with ong… like you’d never have guessed he’d be able to mesh so well with everyone when watching the shy kid he was on pd101! we love a moodmaker! also he’s literally a dumbass!!! an entire fool who makes lame jokes and laughs at himself like a HYENA!! ALWAYS SCREAMING STUFF LIKE “AIYAK” “MAKE SOME NOISE” “WOOOO” WHATS HE SO LOUD FOR IDK but he’s the biggest kindhearted goof and i’m just so proud of him everything he does makes my heart soar…. he’s just. literally perfect to me…. he owns all of my heart he deserves all of the love in the world😭